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Saturday, 4 May 2019


Last week I finally went for one of my little explorations using my bus pass.  I have wanted to go to the William Morris Gallery for ages so decided it was time. I didn't expect there to be much else in Walthamstow but looked it up anyway and was surprised to see so much of interest.

I had to get two buses and it was a good journey as we went all round the houses on the second bus so saw lots of new places.  Walking from the bus station to the gallery, I decided to stop for coffee on the way and saw a lovely Turkish coffee shop. A huge cappuccino and warm almond croissant which was delicious cost just £3.30. A coffee alone costs that in many places.

The gallery itself was excellent and very interesting. I had been to the Red House where Morris lived as an adult for a few years so knew a little bit about him but there was far more here where he lived as a child.

I love his wallpaper and fabric designs. He was also a very caring man and was well aware of his privileged upbringing. He felt everybody should have access to good quality housing.

The house was later on owned by a Mr. Lloyd who left it and the grounds to the council on the condition that they added some adjacent land to it and made a park for the townspeople. So this is Lloyd Park.

I walked through to the old village area then. First to the vestry house museum which was originally a work house then when the councils were economizing they closed it down and the inmates had to go to another town to a much larger work house. It then became a police station and is now a very interesting local history museum. It also has a garden full of medicinal plants with olde English labels describing what they heal.

The museum is opposite an old church  and the ancient house. There are also some lovely old almshouses here. It is really like stepping back in time to a village not a town like Walthamstow.

I was near another museum with the wonderful name of God's own junkyard containing vintage neon signs. Apparently it has an excellent tea shop as well but I didn't get to sample it as it was closed. I will have to go back on a Friday when it is open.

I walked back to modern life to the longest outdoor street market in Europe. It was beginning to shut down for the day so for £2 I bought 3 huge mangos and a bowl of courgettes.

I couldn't believe there was so much to see in Walthamstow. Still some for another day.


  1. That was all very interesting. Thanks Jean.

  2. WOW! What a great day out! It's surprising what's out there. We love museums and especially the 'living museums'. Best, Jane x

  3. Sounds like one of those bestest days.. yes worth going back.. thank you for your comment, yes I suppose we all do get restless at times.

  4. What a lovely day out your saw so much.

  5. What a lovely place - I love walking around discovering bits and pieces - shame I do not live anywhere near Walthamstow or I would be going to see for myself.