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Friday, 21 August 2020

Rubber bacon

 I have heard of rubber chicken where people eke it out to provide so many meals but I think this week I have managed rubber bacon. 

I bought a bacon joint for just over £5, boiled it and served 3 meals with new potatoes, veg and home made mustard sauce. Two more portions were frozen to do the same with this weekend.  Two meals of bacon rosti went down well. I also made and froze 4 bacon burgers so that's another two meals. I needed breadcrumbs for these but didn't want to use my fresh home made bread so found half a pack of sage and onion stuffing in the cupboard. Minced the bacon and mixed with the stuffing, an egg and some water. These were formed in my little burger press bought years ago at a car boot sale. The rest of the stock made 4 portions of split pea soup. 

I make that 13 meals so think it qualifies as rubber bacon. Very satisfied with that.


  1. I would definitely say you stretched that bacon into some wonderful meals.

    God bless.

  2. Very impressive. Well done on making some great meals.

  3. Having a freezer is great for using every bit of the joint, as a child we would have ate bacon all week, as mum made different dishes.

  4. Very rubber! These days we are trying to do things to extend food for the freezer. We are still able to get out easily but I think Covid will be bad in our area in the fall and winter. So,I'll start making my tomato sauce again soon and watching the meat sales.

  5. That is an amazing stretching of a Bacon Ham. Well done. Highly satisfying.

  6. Thank you everybody for your comments.