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Wednesday, 19 August 2020

Tea on the Heath.......

 Only we had lunch. I booked this last week hoping the weather would change as we have been taking advantage of the "eat out to help out" offer. The weather forecast was changed yesterday but being stoic Brits used to carrying on whatever the weather we did.

The very kind owners could have squeezed us inside but we felt safer outside under a large parasol with our raincoats on. The food was all freshly made and delicious. We both had smoked salmon and cream cheese granary sandwiches with salad and shared a pot of tea. Then I opted for the chocolate fudge cake which was huge and DB had the special ice cream. I'm afraid I will have to go again to try the icecream!

I liked the fact that all of the crockery was all different and very pretty. 

I hadn't realized there were these lovely little independent shops behind the tea room so we explored the old fashioned toy and sweet shop. It had a mixture of new and pre-loved items so we chose a few things for little GD.

She has just learnt how to do 12 piece jigsaws so we had to have this one as her daddy loved Playschool. The game encourages counting and matching and is pre-loved. The two new items are wooden and are a ladybird yo-yo and a swaying snake. She will have fun with the snake. The owner was lovely and provided a chair for DB. I felt for her as she took the shop over, spent some time getting it all ready and was open for one day when the shut down came. She was still cheerful though. 

It was a lovely drive out to the village and we came back a different way in heavy rain but it felt good to have some time out. 


  1. I would have eaten outside too. But what a lovely tea and lunch and grand day!

  2. It looks a lovely place. You must go back and try the ice cream, a good excuse for another visit to tea room and shops:)

  3. Sounds like a wonderful outing. Love the mix matched china, very pretty.

  4. Does sound a lovely day out and I'm sure enjoyed by all. China does look lovely.

  5. Oh I remember playing that game flounders when a child with my family, we used to have such fun with it! Looks like you had a really lovely day out.