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Thursday, 20 December 2018


I have been away for nearly a week visiting friends in Leicester or as I call it, Little India! The first friends I visited are Indian and they lived with me for about 6 months and they are like family.

I have found a way to get there without going through London which is so much easier. Just train to either Stansted airport or Cambridge then straight through to Leicester. Two and a half hours travel and about 5 to 10 minutes between trains. I like trains and this is a lovely journey through the countryside.

 One of the little remote stations we stopped at as it was getting dark.

I walked up the Golden Mile looking in the windows of the many fashion and jewelry shops. There were so many that it just seems impossible for them to survive but they do.

The next day we went back into a huge shop that sold English clothes and bags. So just treated myself to a couple of bargains and a few little things for GD. Then into the two charity shops and they are such a temptation. I just bought a couple of sari underskirts for £1 each and friend bought 2 beautiful scarves for £2 each.

Sadly no Indian sweets this time due to my food restrictions.

Then went to stay with another old friend who like me loves crosswords and quizzes. We also got invited out and met up with some new friends and a few other old friends. So a very enjoyable little break.

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  1. Sounds absolutely lovely. I'm totally envious. Glad you were able to meet up with so many friends and get a few goodies.