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Wednesday, 16 January 2019


I had to go to town for a few errands so popped into Iceland for some frozen blueberries and picked up a box of sushi half price for a pound. Then when I went to Asda for DB's prescription I had a quick look for any reduced items there and found a 7.5kg bag of potatoes reduced from £3.75 to £1. Also oranges on rollback from £1.25 to £1 so got two bags. I hesitated at the potatoes as I had walked up with my two wheeled trolley but didn't have much else so couldn't bear to leave that bargain.

It always gives me a kick to get a good bargain especially basic things like potatoes and fruit. The sushi is a treat and as it's frozen can be eaten gradually. I find a lot of things that are reduced or on coupons are not what I would eat especially at the moment on my restricted diet.


  1. I love a bargain also, particularly on fresh fruit and veg.

    1. yes because it's healthy as well as frugal.

  2. I do love a bargain like that. But over here in the USA, I think they chuck all the food out, you never see it reduced like that for clearance.

  3. From what I've seen food seems to be dearer in USA than UK but then lots of other things are cheaper.

  4. Definitely! Bargains are the best!