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Tuesday, 15 January 2019

Elspeth Huxley

I love reading but don't get a chance to do much nowadays. On the cruise I borrowed a book from the library called Nellie, letters from Africa with a memoir by Elspeth Huxley. Christine told me that Nellie was played by Hayley Mills in the Flame Trees of Thika which I had never seen. I enjoyed the book but only managed to read half on the holiday. I found a copy on world books and bought it along with "Out in the Mid-day Sun also by Huxley which I still have to read. 

I have finished the book now and thought Nellie was amazing. She finally died at the age of 92 and right up to the last had projects going on. She lived through tremendous changes in Kenya which started as settlers beginning a farm and ended with the white settlers leaving. Nellie in her 80's left Kenya and settled in Portugal living like the locals and always finding new things to learn.

I did also watch Flame Trees of Thika and enjoyed it especially the scenery and the animals.


  1. I'm an avid reader. I have a basic Kindle and I've downloaded lots of free books, mostly the old classics that no one wants to read, hence they're free LOL I'm currently re reading Vanity Fair. I enjoyed the mini series, but the book is better. Best, Jane xx

    1. I have a kindle app on my tablet and have read a few free books on it especially when traveling but I prefer paper books as I tend to read in bed and don't like using a screen then. I use my tablet for reading the bible and other books and for studying as it is so quick to do research with.

  2. The screen on my Kindle isn't the backlit kind, it looks like paper; so I have the bedside lamp on. It's an anglepoise, so I can read lying on my side and the lamp pointing on it. It doesn't disturb John at all. I also use my tablet just for my bible reading, study and meetings. I love the and the online library x

  3. I do quite a bit of reading particularly in the Winter months but unlike Jane don't use electronics preferring the feel of a book.

  4. That was a good book. I will have to get it from the library to read.

  5. I also love to read and this year I am determined to do more of it! Thanks for the book tips!