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Sunday, 6 January 2019

The Waverly

When looking back over last year I realized I missed out one of my days out and I had not blogged about it either. This was a trip down the Thames from Tower Pier to Southend-on-sea at the end of September. I wanted to go last year but it clashed with the expected arrival of grand-daughter and then I hesitated to book this year as I only arrived back from the cruise 5 days previously and we had a get together with old friends the day before the trip. I'm glad I went though as it was a good experience.

The Waverly is the last sea-going passenger carrying paddle steamer in the world. Built and launched in 1946 she sailed between the Firth of Clyde and Loch Long until 1973. She was named after Sir Walter Scott's first novel. She was bought by the Paddle Steamer Preservation Society and restored to her 1947 appearance and now operates passenger excursions around the British Isles.

I've walked beside quite a lot of the Thames and also had boat trips along parts of it but never between Gravesend and Southend so it was very interesting. The annoying thing though was a group of people near us who spent the entire voyage laughing and talking loudly, taking no notice of anything we were passing and completely blocking out the commentary. The ship was full so by the time we got going there was nowhere to move to.

Lynn leaving Tower Bridge then riverside dwellings

Thames Barrier

QEII Bridge

Tilbury Cruise Terminal

The Waverly Engine Room

Approaching Southend Pier

Lynn thinking of downsizing
It's a long pier so let the train take the strain - but we walked.

We finished up with fish and chips and some people watching until our coach collected us for the trip home.

When I sat and wrote my previous blog looking back at the past year I started out feeling negative about what I had accomplished but ended up happy and surprised to have so many good memories.


  1. What a lovely trip. It's always a shame there are those who don't think of others. I find loud, boisterous people very stressful ( I suffer with anxiety and can't cope with things like that ) I love days out, but we have to plan for mid-week, quiet days when there aren't crowds of people. We haven't been to London since 2002; I think it would be to much for me now, Best, Jane xx

    1. Yes I prefer midweek when it's quieter. Apart from that trip i havent been to London for ages except from getting connections to somewhere else and that was enough.