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Tuesday, 23 January 2018

A frugal day

I had an email from the library to say my reserved book was in so after a busy day I set off on the 10 minute walk to town at 4.45 to collect it. I decided it was too early for yellow stickers at Asda or Sainsbury but the Tesco Metro is near the library and closes earlier than other supermarkets so I went to collect a free magazine and have a hunt for bargains.

This is what I scooped up

A good haul of 2 500g of minced beef at 62pence each, 2 packets of rolls at 12 and 24 pence and teacakes for 20p. A total of £1.80 instead of £7.25

So along with the magazine and free reading from the library a frugal day. Nothing else spent since £1 on Saturday for my weekly treat of Newspaper mainly for puzzles and the TV/Radio mag.

Dinner was also frugal and quick. Previously cooked pork steak in mustard sauce with mash and veg along with some leftover bits from the fridge. The pork had also been yellow sticker.

A good result at the hospital earlier too for DB as they decided his painful knee and hip are due to a bad back so he is being referred for an MRI scan and then hopefully some treatment.

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