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Thursday, 11 January 2018


Although I am fairly active I have wanted to do more organized exercise for a long time. I like swimming but not indoor pools. I can't stand gyms so thought I would try a Keep fit for over 50's yesterday run by an over 50's association at a community centre.

It lasted an hour and a half which I felt was too long and to be honest I found it really boring. Apart from moving a few steps either side we stayed on the spot. It was mainly stretching our arms to music but to a routine which we are supposed to remember until next week. No chance!

There is circuit training at the same place but at a time I can't do at the moment so I think I will just have to stick to my daily walking. When the weather improves I may start using the free outdoor gym in the park. I could just put my own music on at home and bop about to that. Even better it will be free.

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