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Saturday, 20 January 2018

Hair cutting and flowbee

I see that a couple of bloggers cut their own hair. No way I could do that but DB used to cut his and mine with a flowbee. If you have never heard of it there is a video on youtube.

It has a tube which fits on to the vac and the cutting device goes at the other end with guides for cutting different lengths. We kept a note of the guides for each of us so a hair cut took about 10 minutes, was free and looked good. Since DB had a stroke 3 and half years ago he isn't able to use it and I would never be able to do it.

So the problem - I hate going to the hairdressers, it is time consuming and costly.  I have now found one where there are no appointments so I take a book or go early in the morning so no waiting. They charge 1 price for each service. Wash and cut counts as one so £11 now. DB has found another shop which does pensioner specials and also trims his beard.

I would quite like to just sit quietly while being worked on but there are the usual questions such as what are you doing this evening? Answer - going to bed. Have you booked a holiday, what have you been doing today etc.  Yesterday I discovered that mentioning new grand daughter was the best thing to do as people always want to tell you about their children, grand children and opinions on child raising so not as bad as usual.

The other problem with a hair cut is itchy hair down my back but with the flowbee the vac sucks it all up as it is cut.

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