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Monday, 8 January 2018

frugal things

Some bloggers list 5 frugal things they have done all week but by Friday I can't think of anything but I know I am frugal so I thought today "what have I done?"

Well after decluttering I had plenty to take to the charity shop so rather than driving to the out of town shops, I loaded my shopping trolley and walked to town so saving petrol.

I also took a library book back thus avoiding a fine though I can renew on-line but I had finished with the book so better to take it back.

I also went into the post-office which annoyingly has been moved into Smith's so very cramped but not too bad on Monday morning. It wasn't frugal as I was sending photos of our grand-daughter to the other gran who lives in Canada. She is profoundly deaf and doesn't have any digital devices. She lives out in the wilds and the connection is very poor. The frugal bit is that I won't be sending any more as DIL is sending all photos via internet to her auntie who lives in the city. She will load them all on to a memory stick and give to her sister when she visits. She can then get them developed over there.  I do feel sad that she will only see our dear little grand-daughter once a year and she can't even see her on skype or face-time.

This afternoon I started making a post-bag to hang behind a letterbox to collect mail for a disabled person. He had a basket but there wasn't room to fully open the front door then and he finds it difficult picking it off the floor. I am using an old curtain so if it doesn't work it doesn't matter too much plus it is giving me practice on my new sewing machine bought in a sale.

I also had planned leftovers for dinner padded out with extra veg so nothing wasted.

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