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Wednesday, 3 January 2018

Evening shopping

I didn't need much shopping this week so thought I would walk the 5 minutes to the supermarket after 6.30 to see if I could get any bargains. I picked up 3 packets of pastry reduced from £1.30 to 39pence. 2 went into the freezer and I will use one tomorrow. 2 packets of good cumberland sausages half price and also frozen. The best buy was a whole trout reduced from £2.25 down to 54 pence. The other bargain was half price Skyr which I had in Iceland and liked but it is usually too expensive here.

The other purchases were milk, porridge, powder milk, sweet potatoes and bananas. Other than that I have plenty in the freezer and cupboard.

I don't find S****b*** so good with the reductions now so don't go very often.

I bought plenty of vegetables when they were so cheap before the holiday and they are in the freezer too.

So now my shopping chore is done maybe I can get on with a few more projects this week.

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