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Thursday, 22 November 2018

Dinner today

I was pleased with how this turned out today as I have had to seriously change my cooking due to so many things I can't eat. The main thing is the onion family which is usually the base of all my meals. It is also in nearly all stock cubes, sauces and flavorings.

I had bought a small piece of Scotch braising steak yellow sticker for 30p so I added some bacon bits. Coated them in ginger powder and flour then put into the slow cooker with lots of root vegetables, peppers, potatoes, soy sauce and tinned tomatoes plus water. It made two meals and the rest of it will be turned into soup with additions. I thickened some of the juice with cornflour to make gravy. It was delicious!

Actually I had already eaten a little bit before I remembered to take the photo.


  1. That looks a delicious meal - we had beef casserole today, the portion that was left from yesterday and re-heated, plus braised red cabbage and new potatoes - real autumn food!
    Margaret P

  2. That does look good. Changing the food one cooks with must be a challenge, especially onions. I put them in almost everything.

  3. Looks delicious. I must admit onions is something I add to most of my cooking.