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Wednesday, 28 November 2018

Garden birds

We get quite a lot of different birds in the garden because I feed them and we are in a good position on the edge of a town. The river is not far away and there is a wood in the other direction and lots of green spaces all around.

Yesterday I could hear a lot of screeching and thought it must be ring necked parakeets but couldn't see them close enough to be sure. Then DD came  in to the kitchen to tell me they were on the feeders so I took some pictures through the window as I didn't want to scare them off. Not brilliant photos but clear enough to see what they are.

Also noticed we need more nuts!


  1. Such exotic birds to see in the suburbs of England, but lovely.

  2. Amazing! They seem to exotic and delicate for our cooler climate. We too have a feeder near the window and it's wonderful to watch the starlings in the early summer bringing their babies to feed. Jane x

  3. Wow, not something you see everyday.

  4. Our neighbour has rosy-cheeked love birds (I think that's what he said they are) in an aviary and they chirrup away - quite an exotic non UK bird sound. They have in the past escaped and entertain the village with their antics.

  5. wow, lovely. I wonder if they were someone's pets that flew away?

    1. They were originally captive but there are several theories as to how they escaped. 1) that they escaped from the set of The African Queen being filmed in London in 1951. 2) Jimi Hendrix released a pair in the 1960's as a Carnaby street stunt 3) The great storm of 1987 wrecked a number of aviaries. No. 3 is the most likely.