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Sunday, 18 November 2018

Freebies, newspapers and shopping

I tend mainly to shop in Aldi, Asda and Lidl but Sainsburys is my nearest. I buy barn eggs and tea there and also my petrol which gives me nectar points. I also get points from my Saturday Daily Mail and my sister's Sunday paper. This week has been double up points for various items in SBurys so I treated myself to a deluxe kettle.

I have had my last one, a cheap plastic thing, for years and the lid is crumbling so as there wasn't anything else I wanted I chose this. It boils so fast and uses much less energy.

My other freebie is also due to the Mail as it was free in the Laura Ashley store with a voucher. A very good quality shopping bag.

My son is horrified I buy The Daily Mail but I don't read much of it. I just get it for the puzzles and the TV mag. I think it is the best TV guide as it is has good radio reviews as well. So I think good value for £1. Also this week a voucher for £10 off a £40 spend at Lidl so will have to do some stocking up.


  1. Look like some very good purchases there, with your points. An electric kettle is so important. Like the bag.

  2. Great freebies. We have very little choice for shopping, we have a Tesco, Co-op and Iceland.