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Friday, 23 November 2018

Funeral parlor and friends

A close friend's grandfather died at the weekend. Today she asked me to drive her and her mum to the undertaker's to view him. I thought I would sit in the car but they asked if I would go in with them so I did, feeling a bit uneasy.  I have seen people after they died, but always at their homes and never gone to see them in the funeral parlor.

Actually it was ok. He looked so peaceful and just asleep dressed in a pin stripe suit and his West Ham tie. My friend and her mum were pleased with how he looked and agreed that he looked so peaceful.  The girl who had prepared him seemed quite young and it made me think about this job.

I don't think I could do it but then that's what I had said about being a carer which I did become when the need arose. Both as a job and personally and found it satisfying and enjoyable. The young undertaker did a good job which brought comfort to a grieving family so that must have brought her satisfaction too.

The other thing I thought about was who can be your friend. I am nearly twice the age of this friend and she is younger than my children so people often think she is my daughter's friend which she became through me. I also have a close friend who is 20 years older than me and we talk about anything and everything. I do have friends of a similar age too but age doesn't seem to matter if you are kindred spirits.


  1. I've worked as a carer of the elderly since '91 and it's a job I love so much. Part of my job also involves caring for, and supporting, the families too, as their loved one finally passes away. I too have many wonderful friends of very differing ages as I'm studying to be one of Jehovah's Witnesses. We are all spiritually brothers and sisters no matter our age. Love and friendship know no barriers. Best, Jane :)

  2. Hi Jane, I loved being a carer too and I am a Witness as well. Yes so many friends of all ages and backgrounds which is so enriching. We have friends wherever we go. Nice to hear from you.

    1. How wonderful I came across your blog! When did you become a Witness? I've been studying for just under 2 years now :)

    2. I was baptized in 1967 but my mum became a Witness in 1939 so always known it and had to make it my own. My blog has been a bit hit and miss but trying to post more lately.

  3. I have friends of all ages, the way I see it is age is only a number. What is in your heart is what matters.