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Monday, 26 November 2018

Girls' Day out

While our Canadian visitor was here we visited a huge garden centre called Van Hage about 15 minutes drive away. I took DIL, her mother and GD as it wasn't too far and we felt we wanted a gentle day and not to be out too long.

I rarely buy anything here as it is so expensive but it is good for a look round. The don't just sell plants and gardening accessories. There are clothes, shoes, books and so many other things. Also a miniature railway which goes twice round a beautiful garden, through a tunnel and above a pond. GD loves trains so at only £1 per adult we had to have a go on that. Then there's an animal garden with rabbits, chickens, goats and various other creatures so we all enjoyed that.

Then we went on to Ware which is an interesting little old town on the river Lea. It is best known for the Great Bed of Ware which is now in the Victoria and Albert museum. There is a lovely little museum but it was shut on the day we visited but lots of lovely old buildings to see. Then lunch in a little tea room followed by a walk along the river to see the Gazebos. Nowhere in Britain is there so many in a line on one stretch of riverside. A few date back to the late 1600s and were built to give peace and quiet away from the hectic town lives so nothing changes! I didn't get any photos of the gazebos as I was too busy watching GD watching the ducks. I did get a couple of photos in the town.

Once again a lovely day out not far from home.


  1. Although as a child I know we went through Ware many times, I don't think we ever stopped and looked at anything, just took it for granted. Glad you had a good day there.

  2. Sounds like a good day out had by all. Amazing how little we notice when we live so close, it takes visitors to prompt a visit.

  3. I love these old places. I'm not a big, modern city type person-it's these places of antiquity - the little areas with charm and nostalgia that just delight me!