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Wednesday, 21 November 2018

Three things today

The first thing today was using a voucher from the Saturday paper I buy. It was £10 off a £40 spend at Lidl so I made what was for me a huge shopping list. The cupboard and freezer is now well stocked.

Then when I took DB to the osteopath, I popped into the Sue Ryder charity shop and found this little wooden and metal toy for DGD. I'm always pleased to find quality toys for her.

The third thing was a culinary experiment!  I had seen a recipe for Swede wedges so as i bought a huge Swede in Lidl, I thought I would try it. It was very tasty. I am very limited as to what I can eat at the moment due to being on a modified low fodmap diet so it was quite exciting to have something different.

All in all a very satisfying day.


  1. I must admit I do miss not having a Lidl here. I a a great fan of wooden toys, a great find.

    1. Yes one of the bonuses of town living but you have the compensation of a beautiful island.

  2. A great post! <3
    I am following you and invite you to me

  3. Thank you for your comment and invite to your blog which I will visit.